The project

The Project

Before you can enjoy and taste the wines from the world in our shop we need to go to grab them!

This is why firstly we will leave France next July for 2 years of adventure! Don’t see here 2 years of holidays, ho no, the goal here is to work in vineyards, from the vines to the cellar door, going through the winery. All of this with something in mind: bringing you back some of the best wines and giving you the best «hand-service » in the respect of the principles of the soil and of the wine itself.

Our « work space » for the next months will be through 15 countries!

New-Zealand 🇳🇿 ; Australia 🇦🇺; South-Africa 🇿🇦; Argentina 🇳🇮; Chile 🇨🇱; Mexico 🇲🇽; USA 🇺🇸; Germany 🇩🇪; Austria 🇦🇹; Hungary 🇭🇺; Georgia 🇬🇪; Greece 🇬🇷; Spain 🇪🇸; Portugal 🇵🇹 et Italy 🇮🇹.

We really want to share with you this first phase which will lead us to the second phase…
So, if you are thirsty of adventure like us (or just curious, or both) stay tuned!

Meanwhile, we are counting on you sharing our story  and we will be very happy to answer any of your questions, so don’t hesitate!