About us

I am Gauthier, co-founder of Wine Wander and it’s been 2 years and a half now I’m in the wine industry after 7 years as a lab technician in a petroleum company!

It was the gap between my vision of life, my expectations and my beliefs at that time which led me to jump into a new life, a new work that make me happy and passionate.

A diploma specialized in wine&spirits retail, WSET level 2 and level 3 and experiences in the vineyard, the retail and communication brought me here today.
Since September I set myself the challenge to pass the WSET level 4, called the Diploma, in 9 months instead of 2 years. This because the adventure of Wine Wander that emerged a year ago will really start next July.

The first part of this project will allow me to gain experience in the wine industry to provide you the best you can wish for.

©Wine Wander
©Wine Wander

I am Pauline, co-founder of Wine Wander and I grew up in two different atmospheres. On the one side the chemical process engineering with its pumps, its distillation columns, its reactors and all of the physical and chemical complex processes… and on the other side the Jurançon, its authenticity, the love of the product and the high skilled passionate women and men. Because I never knew which side to choose, I first went into the security of the career doing chemical studies and working for 10 years in the pharmaceutical and petroleum industry.

It is time now to choose passion and why not embracing these two sides I am waiting for since my childhood?

This is why I decided, thanks to the adventure Wine Wander to jump into the fascinating and technical world of the Spirits.

Because I’ve always been convinced that the “know how” and knowledge are from women and men of experience, I truly want to learn from this adventure around the world. This in order to share with you my knowledge back in our future shop. Of course, theory is also important to me, that is why I passed the WSET level 2 in Spirits with Distinction in February!

Want to know more? Stay tuned!